10 Mind-Blowing technology facts

Once again, let’s know about some mind-blowing technology facts. Research takes some time, so after a long time, I am writing a post for you guys.

In today’s blog, we will learn about Mind-Blowing Technology Facts. Like in 1982 you could download games with the help of telephone, real-life hoverboards, social media even before email, use of brain waves in exchange for a password, astronaut grow salad in space.

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1. In 1982, you could download any game from the telephone line via GameLine.

There was a service like AppStores in 1982 called GameLine. You could download any game into the cartridge via telephone lines. It was developed and operated by Control Video Corporation. The “Master Module” has 8 KB of RAM and a 1,200 Bps modem, and physically resembles an oversized silver Atari cartridge.

2. There is a working hovering skateboard by Hendo.

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Hoverboards sounds very futuristic. This hoverboard uses a disc-shaped magnetic hover engine located on its bottom, which relies on the opposing magnetic field found on a particular surface below to provide lift. There are more companies that make hoverboards. Such as Omni and Lexus.

3. Minitel was the first online shopping computer that existed before WWW.

Minitel was the first online shopping computer that existed before WWW.

Minitel was the first computer designed just for online shopping. It was a videotex online service accessible through computer telephone lines. It existed before WWW because it did not use the Internet, rather it worked on telephone lines. This service was rolled out experimentally in July 1980 in Saint-Malo, France and was introduced commercially throughout France in 1982 by PTT (Postes, Telegraphs et Telephone).

4. Apple once created the “e-world”.

In 1994, Apple created a social network. It was called the “E-World” and had a layout-like city. Each building had a different experience. But it could not gather more subscribers. It only supported the Apple Macintosh.

5. A hacker hacked the phone using just a whistle.

The hacker was named John Thomas Draper. This hacker was also known as Captain Crunch, Crunch or Crunchman. Draper hacked the AT&T phone system in the late 1960s using a toy whistle that came from a whistle box. That whistle emitted a tone at 2600 Hz. This is the same tone as AT&T used to reset its phone lines. It was also known as “sunflower”.

6. CompuServe was a social network that existed even before Email.

CompuServe was a social network that existed even before Email.

CompuServe was the first online service to offer Internet connectivity. At that time its reach was very limited. It was founded in 1969 as Compu-Serv Network, Inc. It was a subsidiary of Golden United Life Insurance at that time. It used to use telephone numbers for networking. The New York Times described it as “the most international of the Big Three”. This allowed more than 700 cities to be reached by a local phone call.

7. A single Google search requires more computing power than sending Apollo 11 to the moon.

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The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) executed instructions to the lunar module (LM) at a speed of 40 kHz (or 0.00004 GHz). Which is about 100,000 times slower than a high-end laptop today. This is nothing, one of the most mind-blowing technology facts is that Google uses 1,000 computers for a search query so that you can get an answer within 0.2 seconds.

8. Brain waves can be used instead of passwords.

Brain waves can be used instead of passwords.

Researchers at Binghamton University have discovered that your computer can detect you, just a little testing is needed. The computer simply observes how your brain reacts to certain words. So from these things, you must have known how this process will happen. First, you will be given some words, then your brain’s reaction will be seen if the reading matches, only then you will be able to unlock the secret files or else. During the research, the computer had reported an accuracy of 94%. Yes, I agree that 94% accuracy is not ideal but it can be improved.

9. Researchers in Japan have created holograms that can be interrupted by your touch.

Yes, it is true. It is one of the mind-blowing technology facts. Researchers in Japan have created holograms from which humans can interact with holograms. This hologram is named Fairy Lights. This hologram was created using a femtosecond laser. This laser stimulates the material substances and emits light in the form of the 3rd. Lasers can produce high-frequency pulses based on approximately 1,000 to 200,000 pulses per second depending on the type of laser. If we are able to present an image in three-dimensional form through this technology. Moreover, we can touch it. So we can create something that will look like there is something but in reality, there will be nothing.

10. Astronauts can grow lettuce(Salad) in space.

Astronauts can grow lettuce(Salad) in space.
Image Source: Nasa.gov

Astronauts can grow salads in the space and also enjoy its taste. This is not a new thing. In 2015, NASA’s Astronauts produced the salad themselves at the International Space Station. To produce lettuce, its seeds were embedded in rounding pillows. This included soil and fertilizer. Moisture was made using a special irrigation system under the soil to water the plants. The seed was sent to the space station in April 2014 by SpaceX. This seed was grown there but not fed to Astronauts. The salad was brought back to Earth and examined. This seed was grown there but not fed to Astronauts. The salad was brought back to Earth and examined. Astronauts took the safety precaution of wiping its leaves with citric acid-based sanitizing wipes before eating. Red, blue and green lights were used to make this salad, of which green light was particularly important.

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