13 Facts about technology that everybody should know

There are so many fun technology facts in this blog that everybody should know. Read till the end. It has such facts as the concept of an air umbrella, Google is not the first who hired goats. You not only have to read this, you have to go to the home page and also read all the technology-related facts that have been posted.

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1. Nintendo started as a playing card company.

Nintendo started as a playing card company
Image Source: Imgur.com

Nintendo was founded on 23 September 1889. It was established in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi. As a company making Nintendo playing cards was a small business that is now known for bringing a revolution in gaming worldwide.

2. Slide To Unlock is patented by Apple.

Slide To Unlock is patented by Apple

After reading this fact many of you will say what is there to tell in this. Apparently, if Apple used it in its iPhone, then its patent would also be it’s own. So the thing is that once there was a case between Samsung and Apple, in which Apple won the patent for slide or unlock. That is why only Apple can use this feature.

3. Nokia used to sell shoes before the phone.

Nokia used to sell shoes before the phone
Image Source: BGR.com

Yes, it is true that Nokia used to sell many things before the phone. Nokia began in 1865 as a paper and pulp making company. After this, Nokia worked in different segments.

4. The game ‘Breakout’ was built by SteveJobs & SteveWozniak.

facts about technology

Atari Break Out was a very popular game whose Steve Jobs is also involved in its development. Breakout is an arcade game was developed by Atari, Inc. It was released on 13 May 1976. Atari’s breakout was built by Steve Wozniak, aided by Steve Jobs.

5. The idea of ​​Dropbox came when its founder had forgotten his USB before the bus ride.

The idea of ​​Dropbox came when its founder had forgotten his USB before the bus ride

The idea of ​​Dropbox was born on a New York bus. Its founder thought that he would do his remaining work in his 4-hour long ride. But they forgot their USB memory stick and they did not work. Dropbox is a cloud storage service. In which you can store any file on its server. And from anywhere you can access your file with the help of the internet. File handling also becomes easy due to cloud storage.

6. “Virgin Atlantic has glass-bottom airplanes” was an April Fool’s prank

Image Source: blog.privatefly.com

The founder of the Virgin airline, Richard Branson made an April Fool announcement via his online blog. In this blog, he told us how happy he is on this announcement. And also shared two photos. One was a photo of spring from the plane and one was an inside photo. No cargo or landing gear is visible in the photo inside, which should have been visible. But later everyone came to know that it is a prank.

7. There’s a concept for an “Air Umbrella”.

Source: Kickstarter

Air umbrella means that this umbrella will protect you from raindrops along with a force field of air. It may not seem possible, but it is a demonstration video that you will feel after watching that it can actually work. Air Umbrella says that there are going to be three versions of the device. Version A is 30 centimeters long, version B is 50 centimeters long and version C will be from 50 centimeters to 60 centimeters. They will run with the batteries in it. Version A will run for 15 minutes while versions B and C will run for 30 minutes.

8. Poseidon’s ‘Trident’ was an inspiration for the USB logo.

Poseidon's 'Trident' was an inspiration for the USB logo

The USB symbol is inspired by Poseidon’s trident, which shows his power. This device symbolizes that it can connect to any computer. The USB symbol consists of a triangle, square and a circle. This standard was used to inform all the various peripherals.

9. Western-style emojis and Eastern style emojis

Western-style emojis and Eastern style emojis

Many different, parallel processes developed and refined the art form based on keyboard characters available in different regions of the world when the emoticons were developing in the late 1980s and 1990s. At that time the faces of western emojis were at 90 degrees while the faces of eastern emojis were vertical.

10. Before alarm clocks, there used to be professional people to wake people up.

Before alarm clocks, there used to be professional people to wake people up

When there were no alarm clocks, at that time there were professional people to awaken the people. These professional people used to knock on doors to awaken people. He used to keep sticks with him. These people were known as “knocker-up” (knocker-upper). It was a profession in Britain and Ireland that ran very well during the Industrial Revolution.

11. You can also wear 3D-printed clothes.

3D-printed clothes

These 3D-printed clothes are ‘foldable’ and ‘shapeable’ fabrics. A fact about the 3D printed dress is that the first 3-D printed dress was worn by a model. Her name was Dita Von Teese. The dress was made from 3000 pairs in 17 different pieces.

12. The first webcam was used to monitor a coffee maker.

Image Source: Gizmodo.com

What a funny thing that the world’s first webcam was created to monitor a coffee pot. In 1991, a team of computer scientists from Cambridge University invented the world’s first webcam to track the level of coffee from their desks. The camera was placed next to a filter coffee machine in the corridor within the university’s old computer lab. When switched on, the camera provided a 129×129-pixel image of the coffee pot at the rate of 1 frame per second and the image was in grayscale.

13. Not only Google, but Yahoo also hires goats to cut grass.

Google and Yahoo hires goats to cut grass

Everyone who interested in facts knows that the Internet search giant Google uses animals instead of a machine to cut grasses around its headquarters. This is perfectly true from the carbon point of view in the atmosphere. And it also reduces noise. I think in 2009, Google hired 200 goats to harvest grass at the Googleplex, which is Google’s headquarter. You should know that Google is not the first search engine company that has used goats to keep its headquarters under control. Earlier also in 2007, Yahoo used goats to harvest grass at its headquarters.

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