15+ Game Facts

Game Facts: that every common person should know

Today we are going to know about the very interesting 15 Game facts. Nowadays games are becoming very popular. There are many facts related to the game that you should also know. If you are not a hardcore gamer, you will still enjoy it.

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So let’s begin…

1. The Pac-man character is the image of a pizza with a slice removed. This means it is inspired by pizza.

2. Pac-Man, the highest possible score is 3,333,360 points.

3. There is a hiding spot in Pac-man where you can sit still safely for as long as you like.

4. The first mobile phone game was introduced in 1994. It was a pre-installed form of Tetris, which came on a mobile phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000.

5. Three years later, in 1997, Nokia designed a version of Snake for selected phone models.

6. In 2003, Nokia launched the world’s first-ever dedicated gaming mobile, the Nokia N-Gage.

7. The first “multi-player” gaming experience was also on a Nokia 6110. The game was a two-player version of the Snake game, which could be played between two Nokia 6110 phones using the infrared port.

8. The best-selling gaming consoles of all time are PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Both sold around 155 million units.

9. The Mario character was taken from the name of Mr. Mario Segale who was the landlord of Nintendo’s first warehouse.

10. If you look closely, you will find that Mario hits the brick with the punches and not with his head.

11. No human has won a tournament standard chess game against a high spec computer since 2005.

12. The average age of a person who plays video games is 31.

13. Angry Birds and Clash of Clans have helped rejuvenate Finland’s economy after Nokia’s downfall.

14. The Xbox was named decided as DirectXbox. Later it became Xbox.

15. It’s hard to believe, but Toshiyuki Takahashi from Japan can push the button on his controller 16 times in one second.

16. Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive game ever made at $265 Million.

17. South Korea Once Banned Midnight Gaming (from 12 AM to 6 AM).

18. According to a study in the US, surgeons that play video games are quicker and make fewer mistakes in the operating room.

19. Another study claims that medical students do better on their abdominal laparoscopic simulations if they play first-person shooter games for half an hour a day.

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