21 Facts on Technology

21 Facts on Technology

As the name of this website “The Tech Facts“, it will obviously have technology related posts on it. So I always post technology-related fun facts on it. There are some facts that are new on the Internet or that have happened in 2019. Here is the list of 21 facts on technology.

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So let’s begin…

  1. China is the first country to grow a plant on the moon.
  2. 3D printing is also possible in Zero Gravity.
  3. The first post on Instagram was a photograph of a puppy.
  4. Samsung started as a company selling dried Korean fish, vegetables and fruits.
  5. The First Online Transaction Was A Drug Deal.
  6. The first motherboard, originally called “planner”, was used in IBM personal computers.
  7. Copy and paste were invented by Lawrence Gordon Tesler.
  8. 99.99% of people mess up a single letter while filling a password, then they backspace their whole password.
  9. You can say “World Wide Web” faster than “www”.
  10. Once a blind man sues Domino’s because he is unable to order pizza from their website.
  11. Google made its Chrome browser announcement through a comic book.
  12. Researchers have successfully built an Artificial Intelligence bot that can pass an 8th-grade science test.
  13. Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever their blood saves someone’s life
  14. Google Maps’ ‘Satellite’ mode before launch was actually called ‘Bird mode’.
  15. In France, the word “email” has been banned for being too English, instead of the word Courriel is used there. Courriel comes from courier + electronic
  16. The first webcam was created to keep an eye on a boiling coffee pot.
  17. The actual technical name for the mouse is “The X-Y Position Indicator for Displays”.
  18. Google’s Waymo self-driving car is the first AI-powered car to obey the police for directions.
  19. The technology of LCD display was developed for calculators and not for TV.
  20. There are two ATM machines in Antarctica.
  21. It is illegal to buy Tesla in 48 US states.

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I hope you enjoyed these 21 facts on technology!

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