Computer keyboard contains up to 20000 times of bacteria than toilet sheets.


A Keyboard is 20,000 more dirty than a toilet sheet.

Meanwhile, your smartphone has 9,000 times more germs than a toilet seat.

The Grimm findings were discovered by CBT Nuggets, who looked at specific items used in an office to see how many bacteria they had disturbed.

The research team cleaned five items in each category to determine the average number of bacteria in each category – known as colony-forming units (CFUs) – per square inch of each surface.

Those five things were: mouses, trackpads, keyboards, mobile phones, and ID cards

Research has found that the keyboard of a computer or laptop is 20,000 times more dirty than a toilet seat.

And the results were enough to make you feel sick – because it was revealed that some of our most used items are mingling with millions of bacteria.

The team found that keyboards disturb 3,543,000 bacteria per square inch.

While a computer mouse is 45,000 times more messy than a toilet handle

Technology has become a constant companion in our modern world. We have connected one gadget or another almost 24/7. We keep our desks clean, we wipe counters, and our attire is washed regularly. But many of us never consider cleaning our appliances.

Obviously, you would never have thought about cleaning or washing the keyboard and nobody would have thought of it till now.


Remember that everything you touch is not safe. There are bacteria all around us and most of them will not make us sick. Having some bacteria on your keyboard will not hurt you much.

There are many blog posts on the Internet that teach you how to clean your computer, keyboard and computer devices.

My advice is that after using the computer, you should clean your hand thoroughly.

I am hating my keyboard while writing this fact. I also have to clean my keyboard.

Till then there are more facts on this website, read it and enjoy it.

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