Mobile phone throwing is an official sport in Finland.

Mobile phone throwing is an official sport in Finland.

Sometimes when the phone does not work properly, you must also feel like throwing it away. Everyone wants to throw away their mobile at least once in life. But we also keep our phone very safe. We do not want to scratch it and we do not want its screen to break so we put a screen guard on it. But it has been made an official game by Finland.

The launch of mobile phone throwing is an international sport that started in Savonlinna, Finland in 2000.

This game is governed by special rules. There are all types of brands and models to choose from. Every contestant can choose the best fitting phone for himself. Contestants have to remain within the confined area during the throw. If the thrower steps out of the area, the throw is disqualified.

Obviously, the winner of this game is the one who can throw the mobile phone far away.

The world record holder is Germany’s Tom Philipp Reinhardt, who has throw 136.75 meters.

The game was also held at Butler Brook Park on August 1, 2008, in South Hadley, Massachusetts, United States.

The game was also played in Belgium in July 2006, in Liechtenstein on 29 May 2010 and in Korneuburg in August 2014.

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