Musical Road in Japan

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Japan has a network of road that plays music as you drive over them at the correct speed.

On these paths, grooves are made at some intervals. So that when a car passes by it, tones are heard by the company.

There are three musical roads in central and northern Japan. One of these roads plays the tune of a Japanese pop song. Which plays music for about 30 seconds is highlighted by colorful musical notes painted on this street.

The idea came up with this – Shizuo Shinoda was a Japanese engineer who once accidentally made a road mark with a bulldozer’s claw while digging through a bulldozer. After turning the hand, the engineer felt shaken with the tune.

In 2007, a team of engineers from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute made some improvements to Shinoda’s designs and created a series of ‘melody roads’ in Japan.

Japan’s musical road is not the first melody roads. The first melody road was constructed in Gylling in Denmark in October 1995 by two Danish artists.

Melody Roads exist not only in Japan but around the world. The US built its first melody road in 2008. Its name is Civic Musical Road and is about a quarter of a mile in length.

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