Some companies that actually built real-life hoverboards


Hendo, Omni, and Lexus These three companies actually manufacture real-life hoverboards.

And before that, this question definitely comes to mind that how will they fly in the air. But you should know that such hoverboards also exist and you can ride it too.

Hendo is a company that has also built a flying hoverboard using the magnetic field. It also launched its second edition in 2015. Its hoverboard flies only a few inches above. Its drawback is that it requires a special type of surface, so it cannot be used everywhere.

Another company is Omni, whose hoverboard making method is slightly different. Its hoverboards are like drones, that is why you can fly upwards instead of a few inches.

Like the Hendo, the Lexus board relied on a magnetic field to provide power to the hover, so the skatepark was built specifically for riding. The smoke emanating from the board was not some cool add-on feature, either – to work, its components were cooled by liquid nitrogen, which maintains a temperature of minus 197 degrees Celsius. By the way, I do not have a video of this, so you will have to work without a video.

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