The first Sony product was an electric rice cooker

Sony’s first product was an electric rice cooker.

Sony company makes many products to simplify the life of humans.

But you will be shocked to know that Sony’s first product was not a TV, camera, mobile phone or PlayStation but an electric cooker.

The first Sony product was an electric rice cooker. The product was manufactured in the late 1940s.

Sony’s electric rice cooker was made by interlocking aluminium electrodes only. It was a wooden tub with an aluminium electrode underneath it.

This product was not released as it was very difficult to make delicious rice. The result depended greatly on the weight of rice and water used.

The rice made in this cooker was mostly made of undercooked rice.

Because of this, the product was not actually released on the market. Instead, a prototype is now housed in glass at the Sony Archives in Shinagawa.

This product was a memorable first failure for Sony, and its staff and founder of sony company Masaru Ibuka (later sony co-founder).

In 1945, after Japan conceded defeat in World War II, Sony founder Masaru Ibuka invented a product to try and serve those millions of homes.

Sony’s name at that time was the Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute. Which later changed to Sony.

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