10 weird facts about technology that are true

There are many technology facts. This site is full of technology facts. But there are also some weird facts about the technology. Sometimes we do not believe them. Likewise, some weird facts about technology are here.

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So let’s begin…

1. In 2010 there was a race between the internet and pigeon and pigeon won.

In 2010 there was a race between the internet and pigeon and pigeon won.

The race was conducted in 2010 by an IT company in Durban, Africa. The name of the company was Unlimited IT. An 11-month-old bird armed with a 4GB memory stick was fought by the ADSL service of the country’s largest web firm Telecom Company. Pigeon took two hours to carry this data up to 60 miles from Washington. At the same time, only 4% of the DATA was sent by ADSL.

2. Time Magazine named the Computer ‘Man of the Year’ in 1982.

Weird but true facts about technology

In 1982, a Personal computer was chosen as “Man of The Year” by Time magazine. This marked the first time that the editors selected a non-human recipient for the award. It may sound a little weird, but that year, computers were doing very remarkable things, probably that’s why Time magazine choose a personal computer as the “man of the year”.

3. You can build your own satellite with CubeSat.

You can build your own satellite with CubeSat.

It is a type of small satellite. For its use, you will need a computer, a battery, and some solar cells. You will need a radio and an antenna. Before 2013, most CubeSats were built in schools. Today, most originate with commercial or amateur entities. Even a searchable database of small satellites is available. You’ll see that CubeSat uses the U Designer to indicate its size. Each U is a cube that is 100 mm – about 4 inches – on one side. So a 2U satellite will be the same size as two 1U satellites next to each other.

4. It is illegal to buy Tesla in 48 US states.

It is illegal to buy Tesla in 48 US states.

Tesla is the first company who putting beautiful design, fast speed in an electric car. That is why we love the Tesla cars. But the problem is that Tesla does not sell its cars through dealers. Tesla opens its own store and sells its car there. There is a law in 48 states in the US that prohibit manufacturers from selling vehicles directly to consumers.

5. There is also a religion of file-sharing people called Kopimism.

There is also a religion of file sharing people called Kopimism.

In Sweden, file-sharing has been officially recognized as a religion. They believe that information is holy and that the act of copying is holy. CTRL + C and CTRL + V are symbols of this religion. Its followers are called Kopimists. These people do Meetups, but not in any physical place. These people meet in a place like webpages. They do not have a church. He does not even have any god. And the most important thing is that these people do not consider copyright as the devil.

6. A ton of old phones has more gold than a gold mine.

Weird but true facts about technology

A ton of mobile phones usually contains about 350 grams of gold. This is 80 times more than a concentration in gold mines. It is more efficient for extracting gold from electronic waste. One more thing you should know is that you can extract 1 gram of gold from only 41 mobile phones.

7. Instagram was not initially a photo-sharing app.

Instagram was not initially a photo sharing app.

Instagram is very popular for photo sharing right now. People like to share photos on it. It was a check in-app. In fact, Instagram was not originally called ‘Instagram’. It was initially called ‘Burban’. That time it was a very complex app, it had many features. When the feature of its photo-sharing started to become popular, its founder designed a simple one for its photo sharing.

8. Mark Zuckerberg is not the first user on Facebook.

Weird but facts about technology

Now the question arises that if Mark Zuckerberg’s account was not the first account on Facebook, then whose account was it. The thing is that when Facebook’s founder Mark was making Facebook, he created some accounts to figure out the bug of that website and test the website. He created only 3 accounts and fixed everything with that. After the test, he created his account. So technically Mark Zuckerberg became the fourth Facebook user.

9. Wireless charging is not a completely new technology.

Wireless charging is not a completely new technology.

Wireless charging has been present for more than 100 years. At the end of the 19th century, Nikola Tesla performed magnetic resonance coupling. They circulated electricity through the air by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, a transmitter, and a receiver.

10. Eatable food can also be printed through 3D printing.

Eatable food can also be printed through the 3D printing.

Food can also be made by 3D printing that is also eatable. NASA has the technology of 3D Pizza to feed its astronauts. Recently, NASA also made meat through 3D Printing. It was first built at the Meet International Space Station.

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